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Hair transplantation

Boldness can be caused by a variety of factors, including stress, poor diet, disease or hormone deficiency, especially in case of men. Hair transplantation is a procedure which involves taking hair from one place and transplanting it into a balding place. This is the only way to restore a morphological and functional view of the head when pharmacological methods have failed. At the San-Medical Clinic in Silesia, hair transplantation procedures are carried out by using three methods: FUT, FUE, BHT.

The hair transplantation is performed under regional anaesthesia, which allows to reduce side effects to a minimum and a patient does not feel discomfort during the treatment. After the treatment, the transplanted hair retain their ability to grow for the whole life.

Artur Sandelewski

Dr Artur Sandelewski is a graduate of the Silesian Medical Academy, where in 2004, he was awarded with the title of doctor of medical sciences. He built his experience alongside such personalities as Dr Akaki Tsilosani of Hair Transplantation Clinic Talizi in Tbilisi and Dr Vinzenzo Gambino, Director of Hair Restoration Surgery San Raffaele University Hospital Milan.

The doctor specialises in operations in the field of aesthetic medicine. He deals with hair restoration surgery by using of the FUE method (the collection of “units”), the FUT method (the collection of the skin stripe with hair) and the BHT method (the collection of “units” from the chin, armpits, chest). Dr Sandelewski also performs lip modelling, filling wrinkles and furrows, removing pigmented nevi and skin lesions with the use of laser, liposuction. He also carries out breast augmentation, stomach and eyelid surgery.

His continuous improvement of skills through the participation in many specialist courses nationwide and abroad allows him to provide services at the highest level.

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